I think the thing that usually kicks me in the ass when it comes to maintaining a blog is that I always feel like every post I make has to be important.

I run into this with my artwork too. I constantly feel like the only work I should post is the stuff that’s the best I could do at the time that I did it – and as such my posts of art are far and few between.

It’s really hard to continue to tell myself that I am doing this for me, and whoever else stumbles along for the ride then by all means you’re welcome here. But I’m not doing this to draw views, or clicks or traffic. This is a journey, one I did decide to have on what is essentially a public forum, but not one I overtly mean to share with the world.

Speaking of art, however, I mean to only post pieces here that are part of my journey, or part of someone else’s journey that’s helped me on mine. (I get inspired at random times). So don’t be surprised if the art I do post here is even more sparse than what I post anywhere else ( and seriously, I linked my stuff to this blog, you can like, go forth and visit those other places if you want XD )