Giving Thanks

This mornings Devotional was a quiet one. No rune draw, no voicing concerns, no talking about my week. Not today, today I went over the holiday that many of us celebrated on Thursday.

I went into the ugly side of it, the dishonor in it, the ignorance around it and the things that it meant to me and mine now, centuries after the ignoble massacre.

It’s not a day to celebrating pilgrims and natives gathering in peace, as the school books would have us believe. For many it is a day of remembrance and mourning for the massacre of an entire native village at the hands of pilgrims – likely too haughty, arrogant and full of useless fear to even consider asking for succor vs taking it.

What it has become for many of us, and a modernization I can get behind, is a day of reflection. Of being thankful for what we have, having humility in that, and having compassion and generosity toward those with less. It is a time, day, week, or month if you prefer, to give thanks for friends, family (be they blood or not), accomplishments, love, life, etc.

Which is not to say that these attributes and graces shouldn’t be year round. It’s more that this is a time for reflection on them with conscious effort.

My offering to my People was some of the bounty of Thursday. My particular brand of slow cooked teriyaki turkey – which is fast becoming a tradition between me and my significant other. Next year I will set a plate for those lost on that holiday, that they may know honor and peace and that they may not be forgotten, or re-written, out of time.

November’s celebration is not one of the high holidays, but it is a time of reflection and of being grateful. No omen was drawn, no runes are being interpreted, nothing was asked for in return for the bounty and offerings provided. I gave my thanks for their time, their patience, and their knowledge as I walk slowly down this road and ¬†gather to myself the things that will make me better.

The hope is always to be able to return some of that as well. That for every step forward I take I am able to bring more honor and more joy to ADF and her kin.

To better the world, one need only better oneself, and that is a journey that has no end.